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Hans Koller - Retrospection - Stoney Lane Records

Stoney Lane Records

“…the young independent label Stoney Lane Records – clearly a label with a keen eye and ear for quality.” – AllAboutJazz.com

Founded less than three years ago, Stoney Lane is an inventive independent record label, growing out of a whole host of musical projects, collaborations, inventions, experiments, friendships and weird & wonderful ideas, centred around the fine city of Birmingham, UK.  We focus on distinctive and exciting new music, going wherever the music takes us – crossing the eclectic worlds of jazz, contemporary classical, improvisation, subtle electronics, and world/roots-influenced music.

Our label releases and helps to develop brilliant young UK musicians, alongside internationally touring and established artists, whilst committing to release no more than 6-8 albums a year to maintain the quality, adventure and surprise of our records.

We produce an exciting, ongoing programme of Stoney Lane artists at London’s King’s Place, and also run the official Cheltenham Jazz Festival record store for the six days of the festival each spring, supporting independent musicians and UK labels.  All of our records are now released on beautifully made and designed limited-run CD, complete with HQ digital downloads, with selected releases on 180g vinyl when the bank manager is feeling generous.  Read more …

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