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Artist-led, jazz-inspired, original, eclectic ●

Stoney Lane is an inventive independent record label, growing out of a whole host of musical projects, collaborations, inventions, experiments, friendships and weird & wonderful ideas, centred around the fine city of Birmingham, UK.  We focus on distinctive and exciting new music from the worlds of jazz, contemporary classical, improvisation, and varied world/roots music.  We release and help to develop young UK musicians, alongside internationally touring and established artists.  Read more …

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“At last there is an innovative label dedicated to the brilliant scene here in Birmingham and to the many excellent players emerging.”
Tony Dudley-Evans
(Jazzlines Birmingham; Cheltenham Jazz Festival)

Our first three releases – Release The Penguins, by TG Collective, Vuelta, from the Mike Fletcher Trio, and A Moveable Feast, by pianist Mark Pringle, were be followed in April 2016 with a major, special edition triple-album – and our first on vinyl – Retrospection, from the highly regarded pianist and composer Hans Koller, featuring Steve Swallow, Jakob Bro, John O’Gallagher and the German NDR Bigband. Hans will be followed this autumn by guitarist Ben Lee‘s debut In The Tree and drummer Jonathan Silk‘s Big Band album Fragment.

2017 will be our busiest year to date, whilst committing to release only a select number of albums each year to fully focus on each artist and album. These will include bassist, composer and electronic improvisor Chris Mapp with a live recording of his electronic/improvisation band Gonimoblast, featuring Arve Henriksen and Maja Ratkje; the wonderful vocalist Sara Colman; Live At The Spotted Dog – a live album recorded at Birmingham’s finest longstanding jazz session, featuring John O’Gallagher, Percy Pursglove, Stan Sulzmann, Andrew Bain, Michael Janisch and many more; an ambitious jazz, contemporary classical and choral project from trumpeter Percy Pursglove, Far Reaching Dreams of Mortal Souls; a multi-discipline music, animation and dance production from David Grey; and New York/UK saxophonist Alex Woods‘ debut.